My work

Below is a selection of my best work in the past several years. I will be updating this section soon with the new projects I'm working on.

Personal finance made simple

After I got married in 2009, my wife and I were looking for a simple way to keep track of our finances. I wanted to avoid Excel. Lots of super-complicated and ugly tools out there, so I decided to build my own. After about 6 months of using it, I opened it up for everyone and started getting awesome feedback about the service, which encouraged me to keep at it.

My friend, Radu, built the iPhone app and we were fortunate to meet this great Android developer who built the first version of the Android app. My friend, Lavi, took over the Android app afterwards.

#1 tech job board in Romania

The year was 2006 when, during a late December evening, I'd had enough of not finding quality engineers and designers to work with (I was running eXigo back then, my first company). I was pretty well connected in the Romanian tech scene and knew that other small teams were having trouble recruiting.

So what did I do about it? I built a new job board for the tech industry in Romania. That night.

I only launched it as in July 2007, designed by my buddy Max and the hugely successful logo by Emi. Launched it as a free service and the tech people loved it! Recruiters started flocking to it, as it was free so no risk for them.

Oh, and by the way, I hired several of my colleagues through jobber, over the following years.

Open-source job board platform

A couple of months after launching jobber, I had this crazy idea: what if I made it open-source? A few days later and a lot of code being cleaned up, jobberBase was born as the first and only open-source job board platform.

Today, jobberBase has been downloaded 90,000 times and is powering hundreds of job boards, worldwide.

AJAX and PHP: Building Responsive Web Applications
One of the first books on AJAX

One bright summer day in 2005, I received an email from a book editor, working for Packt Publishing, suggesting that we get together to write a book on AJAX, a term coined earlier that year to describe an existing, unknown by most, browser technology responsible for reviving web-based software. Why me? Just because I'd been recommended to him by a web development forum administrator I was very active on. We found 2 other co-authors.

We put together a book outline for the publisher and got the book deal. There were no other AJAX books on the market at that time (August 2005). A few months later, in March 2006, the book was launched and it became a huge hit, one of the best AJAX books out there. It still sells today, after 7 years, despite our initial estimate of 2-3 years life time.

Meetups for geeks

I first heard about GeekMeet from a guy in Sweden, who started these geek meet-ups in his town. I loved that and felt the need to connect with local entrepreneurs and developers like myself, so I asked for permission to use the GeekMeet name and put up the first meet up in June 2006. We had 18 participants and it was great!

As I traveled around the country, I started local meetups in 9 other cities, so by 2010 there were local GeekMeet communities in 10 major cities in the country.

GeekMeet lives on, although not so wide-spread today, but we're strong in the places we're present in. GeekMeet's mission is to bring tech professionals together and surface models that can inspire others.