My Expertise

TL;DR: I'm a programmer with strong leadership, technical and business experience, focused on building life-changing products.

Rapid web app prototyping

Just a rough idea on a napkin? A single phrase as specs? Need to get something out ASAP?
No problem. I can help you figure out what it is that you actually want and help you build the MVP.

Architecting mobile/ web/ API ecosystems

Thinking "mobile first"? Do you have a web app and consider building a mobile companion? HTML 5 vs Native? iOS or Android first? How do they interact with each other in a safe and secure way? What tech stack to use? How to go about building an API to serve multiple authorized clients only?
These are all tough questions, mainly because there isn't a single right answer. There's just "it depends". I can help you decide what's best for your product.

Interactive wireframing of web & mobile apps

Making "napkin ideas" clickable, as the first step in building a product.

Evaluating & recruiting Software Engineers, building tech teams

How do you find, hire and keep A/ A+ Engineers? How do you build strong tech teams? What's the right team size? How do you keep Engineers happy and engaged? How do you evaluate them and facilitate their growth, as a company?
I've struggled with these questions for the past 8 years and found out that how you answer them will make or break your organization.

Business-talk (brief) to tech-talk (specifications), project planning

Understanding what clients need, more than what they actually say they want, is a critical step before any project.
I've helped many clients understand what exactly they need, then translated this into technical specifications for my teams.

Tech skills

JavaScript, Node.js, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Laravel, WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine...

You can read more about my experience over at Linkedin.